Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics

I provide a comprehensive, fully mobile diagnostic and repair service to help you understand where any faults are by using specialist technology and repair them using my knowledge from over 33 years in the industry.

Is your car showing a fault, or something doesn't feel quite right?

Over 33 years experience

I’ve worked in the automotive industry for over 33 years now and in that time have worked with major brands like Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia and Audi. 

I now also run a mobile vehicle diagnostics and repair business focused on helping you to fix your car, for less. 

By using me, you avoid huge labour charges applied by main dealership garages but get the same great service and knowledge!

An image of a mechanic lying under a car

Common Faults & Pricing

Modern cars are full of electronic sensor and actuators, to ensure the car is reliable for the driver and emission friendly for the environment. The engine management warning light is an indication that something is not right and unless you have the right equipment, it is very difficult to locate the cause of the issue. Even with the EOBD equipment, the interpretation requires a vehicle technicians technical knowledge to follow a thorough diagnostic path, preventing unnecessary component replacement. 

Contact me for a diagnostics check.

A misfire symptom can be caused by many faults: excess air in a cylinder, worn spark plug, damaged coil or a mechanical issue with the engine. If not diagnosed correctly and repaired, a misfire can cause expensive damage to the engine and catalytic converter.


Contact me for a diagnostics check.

This can be as simple as a faulty connection under the seat that is moved most often, to a faulty control module or a faulty air bag itself. This is a key safety feature and you should contact me for a diagnostics check.

This can be caused by several faults including incorrect tyre pressures, excessively worn tyres, ball joints or track rod ends.
I'm happy to take a look, contact me for a diagnostics check.

Knocking noises are symptoms that should not be ignored. They can be caused by anything from worn suspension drop-links, worn shock absorbers, missing bump stops & worn anti-roll bar bushes to broken springs. This is not safe and requires urgent attention.
All of which I can fix! You can contact me for a diagnostics check.

Service Price
Fault Diagnosis
£45 Per Hour (Paid Up Front)
Code Read
£45 Per Hour
Example Jobs Price includes
parts, labour & VAT
Timing Belt, Water Pump & Coolant Replacement (Vauxhall Astra)
Clutch & DMF Replacement (Mitsubishi ASX)
Front Brake Discs and Brake Pads (Vauxhall Corsa E)

What do my customers say about me?

image of a peugeot 308

James regularly fixes my car and also my girlfriends car. My previous car, peugeot 308, required a timing belt, water pump & a full service. He also put a new clutch in my van and serviced that as well.. Great service, I'd recommend him to anyone.

Alex Bradshaw

Image of a toyota verso

James has put a new clutch in my Toyota Verso and has regularly serviced the car as per the recommended service intervals, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Frank Neal

None of the above? Don't fret!

You can get in touch with me anytime by using the button that says “get in touch”! I’d love to hear from you and help resolve your car troubles at a fair price.